Floor model packers

Henkovac floor-model packers

These M(obile) series vacuum-packers from Henkovac are very popular while they are suitable for almost any business.
Starting with the M1 up to M3 are perfect machines for liquids or ‘wet/ moist’ products.
While the vacuum-chamber has a certain depth in regards to the sealbar, that the opening of the bag will always be higher than the product. This is to prevent the product from leaking.
From the M4 to the M6 models the work-table is completely flat. This machine is therefore very easy to clean. The sealbars can be dismantled in seconds so the complete table is flat and free or ridges and edges. This makes these machines very easy to clean.
The M7 and M8 are aluminum machines for companies who only work with dry product. Because of aluminum machines will be a lot lighter and cheaper to buy without loosing functionality.

General benefits of the M-series

  • Can be used in all sorts of processes.
  • Compact and because of the wheels they are very mobile to put in almost every corner of the room.
  • Can be equipped with all options Henkovac has to offer. such as, big vacuum-pumps, soft air, gas-packing etc.

If you already own a vacuum-packer you can trade this machine for a new Henkovac.
We’ll give you a trade price for your old-machine and give this as a discount to your new vacuum-packer.
Contact us, send photo’s and information and we can initiate the process.

Henkovac M3 vacuum-machine

Ideal machine for long fish product. Because of 800mm of space between the sealbars this machine is perfect for salmon sides or equal products.

Henkovac M6 single chamber vacuum-machine

The largest single chamber vacuum-packer that Henkovac has to offer. With an optional sealbar longer than 1 meter this machine can almost pack anything. The M6 can be equipped with a very large 300m3/h busch pump for lightning fast packaging cycles.

Henkovac Mobile M5 packer

Very potent machine that can be set-up exact the way you want. With 3 different sealbar configurations available and 3 different sized busch pumps to choose from, this machine can be used for many different products.

Henkovac M4 vacuum-machine

First machine in a range with a completely flat work surface. Very easy to clean every day. Can be equiped with two x 520mm sealbar configuration or a single 620mm sealbar.

Henkovac M2 vacuum machine

One of the most popular floor models from Henkovac. Standard deliver with many options this machine is ready to go. Easy and efficient to use and maintain.