Portioning machine

Portioning machines

Portioning machines can be a very accurate ‘cutting’ machine to cut very accurate portions in either weight or size, they can also be straight forward bandsaws able to chop a frozen block into smaller sized blocks of meat to process the product more easily.
We have many experience in both of them. Setting up a simple bandsaw or a very complex portion cutter to slice your salmon in accurate 50 gram portions.

Contact us and find your solution. Not everything is on our website, we might have other solutions for you that you won’t find on scotraco.com.

Hiwell fixed weight portioning machine

For years Hiwell has been developing a portion-cutter with the Cut-28II as a result. Very accurate fixed weight or fixed size portion cutting with the accuracy and consistency of it's European rivals. This particular portion cutter is in stock in our warehouse in Holland and can be placed in your production facility within days.

Treif Jaguar

Excellent slicer from Treif. Easy to set-up and use in production.

Norfo B35 portioning machine

Norfo B35 portioning machine is the ideal machine to portion fish, meat or poultry in a very specific weight or size. Installation can be done by us while we have many experience.

Treif Puma meat portioner

Good condition portioning machine with many new spare parts.

Treif puma portion cutter

Good condition Treif puma portion cutter. Machine is well maintained and is ready for production

Forming machine for balls or burgers

Stand-alone forming machine for balls or burgers. New never used machine.

Marel B36 portioncutter

Excellent portioncutter to cut in fixed weight portions.This Marel B36 is the perfect machine for the meat, fish and poultry industry

Vemag linking and hanging line

Fully automatic vemag linking and hanging line. Machine misses the transport belt but further in a good working condition.

Kolbe k310 bandsaw

Straight forward stainless steel Kolbe K310 bandsaw.