Portioning machine

Portioning machines

Portioning machines is a wide term. In this section it means portioning on a fixed weight or size.
They come in several sizes and capacities, but they basically all have the same result.

Most used in the fish industry, but also common in the meat and poultry industry.

It works like this: ( Salmon for example ) Norfo B35 portioning machine

  1. The machine is calibrated to your specific product. This can be done by a technical employee, training can be given by Scotraco.
  2. You determine in the computer the result has to be a 200 gram salmon portion.
  3. The product is placed (one at a time) onto the conveyor belt.
  4. The belt takes the product underneath a laser with a camera system. The computer calculates the size and density of the products and tells the blade exactly when to make the cut. While a Salmon is never the same, a camera system needs to be inside the machine and scan piece by piece. ( goes very swiftly )
  5. Once the Salmon reached the cutting section, the computer tells the blade to make the cuts.
  6. Products are moving toward the exit so the next Salmon fillet can be processed.

Contact Scotraco for more information and advice. We will find your perfect solution

Hiwell fixed weight portioning machine

For years Hiwell has been developing a portion-cutter with the Cut-28II as a result. Very accurate fixed weight or fixed size portion cutting with the accuracy and consistency of it's European rivals. This particular portion cutter is in stock in our warehouse in Holland and can be placed in your production facility within days.

Norfo B35 portioning machine

Norfo B35 portioning machine is the ideal machine to portion fish, meat or poultry in a very specific weight or size. Installation can be done by us while we have many experience.

Marel I-cut 10 portioncutter for fish and meat

NEW Marel I-cut 10 fixed weight portioning machine. Never been in production.

Salmco SM5290 salmon slicer

Like new condition Salmco salmon slicer. Very popular machine, now available with many spare parts.

Marel geba D-cut salmon slicer

Excellent condition Marel/ Geba D-cut slicer for salmon. Machine can slice with an adjustable thickness, angle and speed. Delivered with new blades and guide blocks.

Marel compact D-cut slicer

Excellent condition Marel D-cut slicer. Double lane machine for a higher capacity. Reconditioned with new blades installed for immediate production.

Forming machine for balls or burgers

Stand-alone forming machine for balls or burgers. New never used machine.

Marel IPM X400 portioncutter

The IPM X400 is designed for high precision fixed weight portioncutting of many types of fish like Salmon and whitefish.

Marel B36 portioncutter

Excellent portioncutter to cut in fixed weight portions.This Marel B36 is the perfect machine for the meat, fish and poultry industry