These machines are capable of separating meat from the bone-structure of the product.
This could be very usefull in reducing your waste and creating a possible new product.
They can be used in almost any industry. Processing fine soft fish like salmonand trout etc. up to rough chicken carcasses and other meat products.
Brands like Baader and Sepamatic are very popular in this industry due to top quality and low maintenance.

Ie. Baader 601/ 603 or more industrial Baader 605 and 607.
Sepamatic 400/ 410 up to the very large sepamatic 4000

General benefits

  • Reduce waste
  • Create new product
  • Can be used in almost any industry
  • Very easy to operate, most of the times with only one person.

If you already own a separator:
We’ll give you a trade price for your old-machine and give this as a discount to your new separator.
Contact us, send photo’s and information and we can initiate the process.

Baader 696 separator

Entry level Baader separator. This 696 is the predecessor of the newer Baader 600/ 601 models. Machine has the same operation and is the perfect machine for small to medium factories looking to process up to 500/600 kg. per hour. With the 3mm. drum this machine can process many types of fish and small poultry pieces.

Baader 600 soft separator

2017 separator, in excellent like new condition.

Baader 601 separator

Superb baader 601 to separate soft meat from bones. Perfect for almost any type of fish. Can also be used for various meat and poultry products

Baader 600 separator

Smallest Baader separator in the series with a 400-500kg. per hour capacity. Good condition with new parts.

Baader 605 separator

Baader 605 with many new parts for a great start to your production.

Lima RM350 S meat separator

Meat separator that processes up to 2500kg per hour of meat, poultry or fish.

AM2C 1830 separator

One of the most save decisions you can make in regards to separating your meat or fish. Turn possible waste into excellent new opportunities and develop new products.