Skinning machines

Skinning machines (fish) are machines that can take of the skin and fatty layer from the fish very fast and effectively without losing yield.
There are several options available for the skinning process and the end-results.

  1. Fully automatic skinning with an infeed and outfeed conveyor belt.
    When you want to process many fish per hour this is the way to go. Place the (ie.) salmon on the infeed belt and the machines takes care of the rest.
    Transporting the fish rolls and blades to take the skin off and automatically transport the fillet away for the next fillet to come through.
    ( Find the Baader52 DS with a video )
  2. Semi-automatic skinning.
    When the space in the production facility is limited and the output doesn’t have to be hundreds per hour this is the better and cheaper option.
    You place the product manually on top of the rotating rolls and blades, let the machine do the work. Once the fish is skinned you take it away manually.

Most of the machines can be adjusted so the thickness of the cut is being changed. The Baader 52DS for example can cut very gently only erasing the skin so you don’t lose a lot of yield.
It’s also possible to do a ‘deep skin’ so you completely remove the skin and the fatty layer between the skin and the actual salmon meat, you will lose yield but the product looks very clean.


Grasselli skinner RST520-M

Excellent condition Grasselli skinner. In stock and ready for production.

Grasselli skinner

Excellent condition skinner from grasselli.

Baader 52DS Deep skinning machine

Great condition Baader 52 with deep skinning option. Reconditioned and has new blades