Table tops vacuum-packers

Henkovac table-tops

Plug and play  henkovac table tops vacuum-packers. The machines are compact, robust, durable and extremely efficient to work with.Henkovac T2
The smallest machine is only 25 kg and has a very small footprint. This is an ideal machine for the ‘easy user’ that doesn’t require a high output in a short amount of time.
All table tops vacuum packers can be used with a standard 230v. plug requiring very little power.
From the T3 and up the machines can all be equipped with a nice 10 program control panel, gas flush, sensor control and a bigger Busch pump for faster packaging cycles.

General benefits from a Henkovac table top

  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Completely stainless steel for a robust and durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Many professional options for entry level vacuum machines.

If you already own a vacuum-packer you can trade this machine for a new Henkovac.
We’ll give you a trade price for your old-machine and give this as a discount to your new vacuum-packer.
Contact us, send photo’s and information and we can initiate the process.

Henkovac T5 table-top vacuum machine

The ideal machine to vacuum-pack long product like Salmon or similar species.

Henkovac T2 vacuum-packer

The most compact Henkovac vacuum-packer we can offer. Completely stainless steel and build with parts to last a long time. Working with this machine is easy and efficient