Thermoformers are a way of packaging that has the same result as a traysealer but in a complete different process.

Multivac R175 thermoformer

Multivac R175 thermoformer

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  1. A base film gets pre-heated and shaped into the form of a mould. This can either be a soft flexible ‘tray’ where the film shapes around the product or a rigid tray being formed by a thicker plastic.
  2. The tray moves to an open area on the machine where production employees can place their product into the tray.
  3. Once the product has been placed into the tray it moves to the sealing station. Here the machine can pack it for the most common ways of traysealing
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    1. Sealing
    2. Modified atmosphere packing (MAP) with a food-grade gas to maintain the products color and give this a longer shelf-life.
    3. SKIN-pack, A popular way of packing the products. The top film shrinks around the product for a very nice presentation.
  4. Once the packaging cycle has finished the trays that are still attached to each other are being automatically cut so the trays become seperate.


Not all machines are capable of doing all packaging kinds, contact us for your interest and we’ll offer you the perfect machine.

Multivac R275 MF thermoformer

Now for sale; a pre-owned Multivac R275MF SKIN-pack thermoformer. With the latest Multifresh technology.

Rotating table lazy susan

New from stock, Scotraco B.V. lazy Susan's

VC999 I-series thermoforming machine

VC999 I-series thermoforming machine. Excellent condition, have a look at the video.

Multivac R70 thermoformer

2016 reconditioned Multivac R70 thermoformer. Good working condition, find the video

Multivac R175 CD Skin-pack thermoformer

Full automatic Multivac thermoformer with Skin-pack technology. In production since november 2014, available soon

Multivac R240 thermoformer

This particular Multivac R240 is in production till the end of January 2017. Therefore in great working condition. Delivered with many spares and 5 different mould sizes.

CFS Tiromat thermoformer

Good working machine, ready to go. Has an output of 12-15 cycles a minute. Combined with a 4 tray mould this can process up to 60 trays a minute. Multiple moulds available.

Multivac R7000 thermoformer

This thermoformer is fully operational and ready for inspection.