Vertical bagging machine

Vertical bagging machines

A vertical bagging machine is a (high speed) sealing machine to seal products into a bag/ pouch.
Very commonly used in many markets varying from fresh potatoes, several types of chicken to almost any frozen products. Basically anything that can be packed in bags can be done with this machine.
For fresh products it’s a possibility to pack the bags in a modified atmosphere packaging ( MAP )
Fresh products retain a much nicer colour and have a longer shelf life.
Not every machine is capable of processing with MAP.

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The products that needs to be packed come most of the time from a Conveyor belt or a Multihead weigher.
It is very common that the certain batches are packed with a specific weight  (example: 1kg, 2.5 or even 10kg).
It works as follows;

  1. The machine automatically shapes a bag from a roll of film.
  2. The film is being welded by a hot wire to make the pouch, with an opening on top.
  3. The product falls from a (for example) multihead weigher, or conveyor belt, into the bag.
  4. Once the product has fallen into the bag the machine seals the top.
  5. Once the bag has been sealed it automatically cuts the film so the sealed bag can drop
    and clear the machine.

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Yamato weighing and packing line, complete line

Complete from A to Z weighing and packing line. Always very well maintained, serviced till mid-august 2018. Professionaly taken out of production, now in stock and ready for re-sell.

2 x Innotech vertical bagging lines

Superb VFFS machine capable of packing up to 80 bags per minute. Very easy to use and maintain.

Vertical bagging line with metal detection

Excellent condition vertical bagging line with metal detection. Consisting out of a GKS CP300HS and the latest Lock insight from 2014 metal detection. Have a look at the video.

GKS CP300HS Vertical bagging machine

Excellent condition 2010 VFFS (vertical bagging machine). Very compact, reliable and easy to use. Pack up to 25 bags per minute.

Innotech 3200 revo VFFS machine

Excellent plug and play Innotech vertical bagging machine. Good condition, ready for operation.

Jasa 350FV VFFS machine

Excellent condition Jasa vertical bagging machine. Comes with 3 several moulds for different sized pouches/ bags.

Jasa VFFS machine, vertical bagging machine

LIKE NEW condition Jasa VFFS vertical bagging machine. Machine has been serviced to the highest standards and is in excellent condition.

Prewa vertical bagging machine

Excellent condition vertical bagging machine from Prewa. Delivered with 2 moulds.

Innotech vertical bagging machine with MAP

Completely overhauled vertical bagging machine with MAP. Perfect machine for high output.