Sealpac 750 traysealer

Now available this fully service Sealpac 750 traysealer.
This machine is fully automatic, complete and ready for production. The Sealpac 750 is supplied with new see-through covers, new Busch R5 vacuum pump and comes with a printer. The machine can be easily set-up with the touch screen installed on the Sealpac.

We can supply the machine with many moulds for different tray sizes. information about the tray size will follow. Find more on the photo’s.

General working of the machine.

  • On the long in-feed conveyor belt the trays can be prepared for packing. The belt will automatically take the products to the machine. From there 2 sliding arms will pick up the trays and place them in position. When the trays are in position the mould will close and start the vacuum process. Once the vacuum has been reached the machine start adding gas for MAP.Once all is finished the sliding arms will pick-up the trays and place them on the out-feed conveyor belt.