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Marel speedbatcher This Marel speedbatcher is in very good condition, Has only been in production for several weeks. Combined with a custom build conveyor belt for feeding of the product. Controlled by a frequency inverter and sensor to work together fluently with the Marel speedbatcher. The Marel speedbatcher (SP20) is a solution designed to weigh […]

Marel I-cut 10 New, never used Marel I-cut 10, fixed weight and fixed size portioning machine. The I-Cut 10 PortionCutter is an accurate and reliable portioning machine designed to give immediate results on your bottom line. With only a few touches to the control panel you can move away from inaccurate cutting by hand to […]

Marel D-cut slicing machine. Two lane for double capacity Now available this Marel D-cut slicing machine. Ideal to process several types of fish, mostly used in the salmon industry. This machine has two lanes for double the capacity over a single lane machine. The product is placed skin-less on the infeed belt and the machine […]

Marel 2730 salmon filleting machine This Marel 2730 salmon filleting machine is one of the best and reliable salmon filleting machines on the market. This model has been very well maintained and is ready for production. With the touch-display various settings can be adjusted to your and your customers demands. This makes it very easy […]

Marel B36 portioning machine Cutting in fixed weight or size The Marel B36 portioncutter is a high-speed machine ideal for cutting several types of fish to a fixed weight or fixed size portion. With up to 1000 cuts per minute this is not only very accurate, it’s very fast aswell. Once the B36 has been […]

Marel 2630 salmon filleting filleting machine In very good condition marel 2630 salmon filleting machine. This machine is capable of processing up to 20 salmons per minute ranging from approx. 1 to 7 kg. The 2630 works with 2 circular knives and 2 round blades for an optimal yield. A deheaded salmon is placed with belly-up into […]