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Baader 600 separator Superb condition Baader 600 from 2017. Excellent machine for soft separating fish, meat and poultry products. The vital parts for production will be in stock week 2 or 3. *below information found on the official Baader site* Technical Data: Operator requirements: 1 person Drum hole diameter: 3mm Throughput: The throughput is dependent […]

Grasselli skinner RST520-M This particular machine is in a very good condition. Have a look at the photo’s for a detailed overview. Ergonomic operating height and infeed area to improve product handling and safety, usable width 520 mm. Tempered tooth roller and heavy duty bearings to ensure durability and longevity, high tooth roll speed to […]

AM2C meat separator Separating meat from the bone structure with superb yield. Now for sale this excellent 2010 model AM2C 1830 separator for several types of product. This machine is capable of processing many types of meat, poultry or fish with a very high yield. AM2C is one of the leading companies in the market […]