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Mesutronic MN 7.0 metaldetector Up for sale, excellent working condition Mesutronic metal detector. Machine has an intralox belt and works with belt stop if metal has been detected. The machine is from 2012 and therefore one of the most recent additions to what Mesutronic has to offer. Please find more information from the official website […]

Ceia THS/3F metaldetector Very good condition Ceia metaldetector ths/3f. Straight forward metaldetector with automatic reject. Compact machine that can easily be integrated into an existing production line. This THS/3F is a multi-spectrum machine suitable for a wide variety of products. CEIA is the leading manufacturer of industrial metal detectors. This THS/FB conveyor belts satisfy the […]

Ishida and Ceia checkweigher metaldetector combination Reconditioned Ishida checkweigher + Ceia metaldetector combination. This machine can automatically remove wrong products from the production line with the 2 rejectors. Both arms can be individually set-up if the product is ‘off-weight’ or has metal contamination. The machine 3 new conveyor belts, 2 new swinging arms and has […]

[:en] Ceia THS 21 metal detector Excellent condition Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject system for a continuous production flow. The THS 21 (ms) multi-spectrum search head is the most high-end machine that Ceia has to offer. Offering the best technology suitable for almost every product. The Ceia search head and the frame are all originally […]

Loma IQ3 metaldetection Excellent condition Loma IQ3, now in stock. Machine is equipped with belt stop and a sound alarm en lighting alarm. Works from left to right. Machine is calibrated up to January 2019. Throughput dimensions are; 54,5cm wide x 21cm high The Loma IQ3 is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which […]

[:en] Detectronic metal detection Large Detectronic search head with a powered intralox conveyor belt. For more specific information click here[:de] Multivac T200 traysealer Semi automatic traysealer from multivac. 2014 model semi automatic traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. […]

[:en] Lock insight metal detection Superb 2014 Lock insight metaldetection. Easy to implement into an existing line or use separate. Find information below. Integrated Digital Search Head and DDS vector display deliver perfect product setups Stable to extreme vibration and product signal Best in class sensitivity to magnetic and non magnetic metals Optix – a […]

[:en] Fortress phantom detection system Large head for big boxes, trays or product. This fortress phantom metal detector is in good condition and ready for production. It’s the ideal machine for large sized product while the Fortress search head has a 450 x 320mm throughput. Complete constructed from stainless steel with an IP65 rating this detector […]

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