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[:en] Mettler-Toledo Safeline checkweigher Like new 2016 Mettler-Toledo Safeline checkweigher with automatic reject by air. Currently capable of weighing 96 pieces per minute. [:de] Rational cpc 101G Combisteamer Rational CPC 101 G Rational is a leading company in producting top quality combisteamers. The same goes for this CPC101G propane powered model. Setting up is a […]

Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray X33 Mettler Toledo Safeline X33 X-ray. X-ray system with reject for faulty products. Machine is in an absolute new condition. This X-ray is from 2016 Brochure here X33 Series Simply Safeguarding Businesses. Designed for ease-of-use, the X33 offers high detection capabilities, safeguarding brands and consumers, while its low energy consumption reduces […]