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Mondini E340VG Now available from stock this very good condition Mondini E340VG traysealer. This E340 series machine is one of the most compact machines Mondini has available but still works as a fully automatic system. Being so compact this machine easily integrates into existing production lines or production facilities with limited space. This E340VG machine […]

Reepack reetray 25 Excellent working condition Reepack reetray 25 traysealer for the food industry. Because of an installed vacuum pump and gas flushing option this is an ideal packaging machine for the food industry. It is very compact, has a vacuum pump build in and is on wheels making it easy to move around in […]

Webomatic TL500 traysealer Soon in stock, still in production till mid-december. The fully automatic Traysealer TL 500 (Busch 300 m3/h regular or oxygen safe vacuum pump) is the ideal tool for high industrial packaging capacities. Depending on the tray size the TL 500 effects up to 12 cycles per minute with MAP or up to […]

Ceia THS-21e metaldetector Never used head only Ceia THS-21e metaldetector. Machine is in new condition. Considering it’s only the head, it can be custom designed into an existing production line. The head has a throughput of 750mm wide x 350mm high

Bizerba metaldetector Straight forward compact Bizerba metaldetector. The machine is in good working condition. Because of it’s compact conveyor belt but large detector head this can easily be fitted into compact production facilities and production lines while maintaining a large throughput. The machine can easily be installed and set-up for your product with it’s auto-learning […]

Ceia multi-spectrum metaldetector Great condition Ceia multi-spectrum metaldetector. Being a multi-spectrum machine gives the highest performance in a wide variety of products. Even the toughest moist products are easily checked for metal without detecting the water. Exclusively developed by CEIA, this is a unique metal detection technology that both optimizes sensitivity to all metal contaminants and […]

Hiwell battering and breading line Brand new Hiwell breading line, contact us for a demo. This battering and breading line consist of a Hiwell Breading Machine SXJ400-V and a Hiwell Battering Machine SJJ400-V. Hiwell Breading Machine SXJ400-V Hiwell SXJ400-V breading machine has been proved to be ideal for processing of chicken, beef, pork, fish and […]

Hiwell portioning machine Brand new 2020 model Hiwell portioning machine, contact us for a demo. For years Hiwell has been developing a portion-cutter with the Cut-28II as a result. Very accurate fixed weight or fixed size portion cutting with the accuracy and consistency of it’s European rivals. This machine is capable of portioning meat, fish […]

Bizerba weigh price labeller New condition 2017 Bizerba labeller with scale. Weigh price labeling system GLM-Emaxx 50/70 This machine can pack up to 50-70 packs per minute. from 20 gram up to 6kg. —- General information from Bizerba Exact weighing, accurate labeling – and saving a great deal of time. The GLM-Emaxx is a fully […]