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Multivac T800 automatic traysealer New 300 m3/h Busch R5 vacuum pump 275 x 175 mould Option to work with Oxygen (preferred for meat) Option to work with Liquids In-feed conveyor belt Superb high-speed Multivac T800 traysealer from 2011 This machine is one of the biggest fully automatic traysealers that Multivac has to offer. The Multivac […]

Multivac T300 compact automatic traysealer Stunning addition to our already large Multivac stock. This Multivac T300 is an entry-level automatic traysealer with a lot of benefits. Thanks to it’s compact design this machine is perfect for many production facilities with little space. Work fully automatic, press start and the machine does the rest. The machine […]

[:en] Multivac T200 traysealer Semi automatic traysealer from multivac. Semi automatic Multivac T200 traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. The multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up […]

[:en] Multivac T250 compact traysealer Very common used traysealer from Multivac. Very popular because of it’s compact robust design and reliability. This particular machine has only been in production for roughly 200 hours, therefore a good working machine. The T250 has a fully automatic drawer, this means less heavy work and can work completely automatic […]

Multivac T300 automatic traysealer This Multivac T300 is an automatic traysealer. Thanks to the compact dimension of this machine it can be placed in small production area’s/ facilities. Although the machine is compact it is very capable of reaching high capacity numbers. Plug and play machine with build-in vacuum pump. Capable of MAP packing and […]

Automac Elixa XS plus Excellent working condition Elixa XS shrink-film packaging machine. One of the most popular compact shrink film packaging machines in the industry. The tray is automatically fed into the machine where the film will be wrapped around the tray/ product. Once ready the tray will progress to a heated conveyor belt where […]

[:en] Multivac T700 traysealer Excellent high-speed traysealer from Multivac. This pre-owned T700 is in very good working condition, plug and play. This particular model is capable of reaching very high packing speeds with MAP or just sealing. Moving arms picking up the trays and removing them from the mould ensures high packing speeds. Equipped with […]

[:en] Multivac T250 Perfect for MAP packing. One of the most popular semi-automatic traysealers on the market. Very much similar to the well known Multivac T200. The main difference is that this machine is larger, stronger and more easy/faster to use. With the automatic drawer it’s much more easy for the worker to take out […]

Henkovac compact traysealer Now available this semi-automatic Henkovac compact traysealer. Well known in the industry for it’s compact size with very good and reliable results. With the control panel the machine can save up to 10 programs for several types of packing set-ups. This allows for variable vacuum and gas-flushing for the ideal MAP result […]

[:en] Multivac T800 traysealer This particular machine has been sold. Looking for this or something similar contact us. For a quick impression of the machine in production please have a at the video below.   [:de] Multivac T200 traysealer Semi automatic traysealer from multivac. 2014 model semi automatic traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. […]

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