Good working condition Ramsey AC9000 checkweigher in combination with a metaldetector. The machine is set-up with an automatic reject arm to provide continuous production without having to stop when metal or an off-weight has been detected.

General information;

  • Maximum is 2200 gram
  • Minimum is 35 gram
  • e = 1 gram.
  • Speed; 125 to 1000 gram = 60 packs per minute
  • Speed; 1000 to 2200 gram = 42 packs per minute

The Ramsey AC9000Plus is offered as a high rate, accurate control for a broad range of checkweighing applications. Its advanced design enables equipment to be tailored to specific customer requirements utilizing standard parts. The AC9000Plus is capable of providing basic and advanced production statistics, loading set-up data for up to 100 products, and communicating with external data collecting systems.

More information can be found on the official Thermo Ramsey brochure here.