Treif Falcon meat portioner

High-speed cutting with extremely high throughput and continuously Treif Falcon. Based on nearly twenty years of experience in the area of cutting precisely weighed portions, TREIF developed the FALCON portion cutter. This Falcon has a digital display with touchscreen.

General information

  • Max. cuts per minute (Theoretical maximum value): 240
  • Cross-section of product W x H:260 x 155; 220 x 155 mm
  • Max. infeed length (mm): 820
  • Lenght / Width / Height (mm): 2.66 / 1377 / 1859
  • Weight machine: 750 KG
  • Weight precision (%) (for boneless products, depending on product/consistence of product): +/- 0,5 to +/5 5

Have a look at the video below for an impression, briefly made before taken out of production.