Webomatic TL500 traysealer

The fully automatic Traysealer TL 500 (Busch 300 m3/h regular or oxygen safe vacuum pump) is the ideal tool for high industrial packaging capacities. Depending on the tray size the TL 500 effects up to 12 cycles per minute with MAP or up to 15 cycles per minute only sealing, with a tray depth of up to 120 mm. Freshness and quality of the packed food products attain a long shelf-life due to the integrated MAP and vacuum system. For non-food application the TL 500 offers an optimum packaging for sensitive industrial products like sterile medical or cosmetic equipment.
The Traysealer TL 500 is perfectly adaptable to the production process. The conveyor belt can be extended to suit individual requirements.
An easily operable colour touchscreen, a quick clamp for the film mounting, an automatic remnant film re-winding and a toolless quick change of the die set make are standard functions which make the operation of this machine very handy.
These vacuum packaging machines belong to the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign generation: the slanted roof makes the water run down smoothly, water pools are prevented, all sanitarily relevant parts are easily accessible and can therefore be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.
Operation, cleaning and maintenance of the fully automatic Traysealer TL 500 is extremely easy. Exit belt, entry and exit hood as well as the drawer can easily be removed, so that the machine interiour is completely empty for a sanitary cleaning.