Webomatic WBM1350 vacuum packing line

Very nice condition Webomatic WMB1350 vacuum machine incl a Webomatic dip tank to shrink the film. This Webomatic machine is equipped with an internal vacuum booster pump and 2 x 300 m3/h Busch Vacuum pumps creating a very large amount of vacuuming power for high production speeds.

General information from the official Webomatic website.

The industrial solution for automatic vacuum packaging.

The WEBOMATIC chamber belt machine WBM 1350-II stands for WEBOMATIC packaging technology on a grand scale. It is ideally suited for the automatic vacuum packaging of large batches and products in vacuum bags: the chamber belt machine WBM 1350-II was designed for the automatic vacuum packaging and sealing of meat products, fresh meat, dairy products and other perishable foods. This vacuum packaging machine is also ideal for packaging non-food products such as electronic components and medical technology. Combined with our shrink and dry units, the WBM 1350-II produces perfect shrink packaging at industrial speed.

The WBM 1350-II packaging machine has a 12″ colour touch screen of the latest generation as standard. The control allows a temperature-controlled sealing of the vacuum bags with precise fine tuning of the sealing parameters to all commercially available bag materials. The standard built-in Mitsubishi PLC control can be adapted to all operating requirements and, if required, WEBOMATIC can carry out machine diagnostics for you via remote access. As an option, the chamber belt machine is also available with height-adjustable sealing strips. For round or other unstable products, the product transport can be supplemented with webs.

Machine size: 3,800 x 1,540 x 2,400 mm (W x D x H)
Chamber size: 1,400 x 1,050 x 250 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: approx. 2,200 kg
Cooling water: not required
Maximum vacuum: 1 mbar absolute
Required Roots pump performance: 500-1,000 m3/h
Pulse power: Up to 3 cycles/min., depending on desired vacuum value, pump performance and product handling
Operating personnel: 1-2 persons